Meet the Founder/CEO

Ashley Lancaster


Ashley Lancaster


I have always had a passion for haircare and beauty products. As I transitioned into motherhood, I began a journey to embrace myself completely. This included a physical, mental, and spiritual transition. In 2008 I began my natural hair journey. Like many of you, I have experimented with numerous products. As I learned more about product ingredients, I discovered the enormous amount of toxic additives they contain. It is my calling to change the narrative. We should not have to sacrifice our health in order to have beautiful hair. 


I have been a registered nurse for almost a decade. In 2018, I obtained a master of science in nursing with a concentration in anesthesia. Let's just say I've had my share of chemistry, biology, microbiology, etc. My background in science and healthcare has been dynamic in the development of Cultivating Curls.


My focus is on providing clean, non-toxic, high-quality natural haircare products. Each ingredient I include in Cultivating Curls products has been thoroughly researched and identified as safe for cosmetic purposes. Our ingredients are obtained from organic sources.